Paper Dolls

Claire McCardell: the American look.

Claire McCardell (1905-1958), pioneered a style of modern sportswear that embodied a functional, casual elegance that endures in American design today. What happens when you add a bit of
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Elvis fabric post cards.

While not an advanced seamstress, I do like to sew. These pieces were from a time when I was experimenting with quilted fabric post cards. Thankfully, a friend had
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2 Chronicles 5:14

This drawing was inspired by a verse in 2 Chronicles. I tried to imagine a place so filled with the God’s splendor, you can’t even enter it.
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Charcoal Portrait

This was a charcoal portrait I was commissioned to do.
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The Spray Gun is the Star.

I was the art director on this shoot for the cover of a brochure introducing a new line of Matco spray guns. This was fairly early in the transition
Paper Dolls

Diva Star and her hats.

Scratchboard has always been one of my favorite media. This one-page paper doll features my daughter’s Diva Star doll and an assortment of hats for a winter-themed set.
Paper Dolls

Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme Cards

This set of nursery rhyme cards were inspired by nursery rhyme advertising cards created by Kate Greenaway. My version is an updated interpretation of the verses, created using Adobe

Handtrucks need love, too.

Here’s a drawing of a handtruck, executed in Adobe Illustrator, that I made during the time I was a Graphics Manager for an automotive tool company. This line art
Paper Dolls

As Worn by Ginger

I was inspired by the costumes worn by Ginger Rogers in the musicals she appeared in with Fred Astaire.
Paper Dolls

Gator Gal

    Gator Gal was done at the time my children were at an elementary school, whose mascot was an alligator. I gave these paper dolls to their teachers.