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Chrome helmet ornament

Racine Scouts Christmas Card, 2006

The Racine Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps is an organization I work with from time to time on a pro bono basis. I designed this Christmas card for…

Chi Omega graphic

Chi Omega graphic


Holiday on Ice.

I researched Holiday on Ice skating costumes from the 1950s and 1960s for this paper doll set. It was designed to be a large poster— like a Holiday…

50’s Formal Fantasy paper doll.

The Fifties Formal Fantasy paper doll set is based on photographs from formal dances that my mother and her bridge club friends provided me. The dresses drawn from…

Yellow leathers.

Harold of Leatheroaks

This set is based on the wardrobe of my friend, Harold. He travels almost exclusively by motorcycle and wears leathers every day. The ensembles I have rendered for…

Madame Alexander Scottish girl kilt.

Madame Alexander Scottish girl: Fiona

I was asked to create this paper doll for the Madame Alexander issue of Doll Castle News. I used my Madame Alexander Scottish Girl as the inspiration.  

Patsyette doll as a majorette.

Patsyette, majorette.

This set was done as a 2-page spread for Doll Castle News magazine. It’s my aunt’s Patsyette doll, with vintage majorette uniforms.


Claire McCardell: the American look.

Claire McCardell (1905-1958), pioneered a style of modern sportswear that embodied a functional, casual elegance that endures in American design today. What happens when you add a bit…

Elvis fabric post card.

Elvis fabric post cards.

While not an advanced seamstress, I do like to sew. These pieces were from a time when I was experimenting with quilted fabric post cards. Thankfully, a friend…