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Me and my open source software

When I was teaching art full-time, I was always on the lookout for open source software solutions for my students. Naturally, I like to experiment with them myself, so
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Inktober 2017

Inspired by the work of Rob Draper on paper cups, plates, and napkins, I made my Inktober 2017 drawings on paper plates. I wanted to pay tribute to the
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While you were powered down . . .

Combine yarn-bombing with scratchboard art and add in a robot to get this piece I call While You Were Powered Down. I made this piece of scratchboard using the
Paper Dolls

My artwork on exhibit.

I exhibited a collection of my artwork on the Tradition Campus of William Carey University during the Fall Term of 2015. The exhibit included fine art prints, paintings, drawings,
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Elvis fabric post cards.

While not an advanced seamstress, I do like to sew. These pieces were from a time when I was experimenting with quilted fabric post cards. Thankfully, a friend had
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2 Chronicles 5:14

This drawing was inspired by a verse in 2 Chronicles. I tried to imagine a place so filled with the God’s splendor, you can’t even enter it.
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Charcoal Portrait

This was a charcoal portrait I was commissioned to do.

The Spray Gun is the Star.

I was the art director on this shoot for the cover of a brochure introducing a new line of Matco spray guns. This was fairly early in the transition

Handtrucks need love, too.

Here’s a drawing of a handtruck, executed in Adobe Illustrator, that I made during the time I was a Graphics Manager for an automotive tool company. This line art