A Fifties Formal Fantasyy

This paper doll set is based on photos of dresses worn by my mother and her friends to college and high school dances in the late 40’s and early 50’s.

Stepping out…

It’s like having a ticket to another world—an invitation to a formal dance. Or a semi-formal party. Or a prom. From the moment that printed paper hits your hand, you plan: what to wear, how to style your hair, how you will apply the most “grown-up” makeup you’ve ever dared to get away with using.

And, you dream of a starry night. Music. How handsome that otherwise ordinary boy from class will look in a white dinner jacket. When the evening comes, you step out—out of the dungarees, out of the girl you were.

The night and the dress conspire together to transform you into the sophisticated lady you always knew you would become.