Paper Dolls

Alien Doll-inspired Paper Doll

This paper doll was inspired by a Novi Star doll I have. I drew costumes for her based on the Novi Star characters that were part of the line, now discontinued.

Novi Star paper doll. Novi Star's wardrobe.

I created a black lineart version for coloring.

Novi Star paper doll in black lineart Novi Star wardrobe, in black line art.

Novi Star dolls are  the property of TM & © MGA Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Christmas Cards Paper Dolls

Talaxian Paper Doll Greeting

Definitely Star Trek-inspired, my Trexia is a Talaxian girl created as a New Year’s greeting for 2016. The format I used had the doll attached inside a folded card, with a slit cut to allow her outfits to insert under her chin. Trexia has 4 costume changes.
2015_talaxian_pdTrexia is delighted to add a Seven of Nine doll to her doll collection. Most fashionable  former Borg ever!

2015_talaxian_7of9Like many Talaxians, Trexia shares her  hospitality. She’s made some yummy desserts  from Martian ice, flavored with Bajoran kava  juice, Betazoid uttaberry, Talaxian traggle nectar, and icoberry juice.

2015_talaxian_apronAll eyes will turn to Trexia when  she appears at the Galactic Gala in her stunning, blue gown, with crystal detailing  at the shoulders.

2015_talaxian_galaNo matter what quadrant of the galaxy you’re in, a Rainbow Dash cosplay is just fun!

2015_talaxian_rdashThe artwork was created with ink and color pencils on frosted Dura-lar, then scanned and finished in Adobe Photoshop.

Paper Dolls

Callie’s Valentine’s Day

Callie is one of my early paper doll sets, drawn in color pencil. Her costumes change throughout the day, as she engages in various activities related to St. Valentine’s Day.

art callie party