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Inktober 2017

Inspired by the work of Rob Draper on paper cups, plates, and napkins, I made my Inktober 2017 drawings on paper plates. I wanted to pay tribute to the drag queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race, as I have been watching that every season that it has been produced for television.

I used the most inexpensive paper plates I could find at the store. I like the way the fluted edges photographed. Granted, the images here were shot by me quickly, using my iPhone 5, late at night as I finished a drawing.

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My artwork on exhibit.

I exhibited a collection of my artwork on the Tradition Campus of William Carey University during the Fall Term of 2015. The exhibit included fine art prints, paintings, drawings, and handmade paper doll books.

Faces, fashion, fascination: the art of Tracy Williams2015 WCU art exhibit

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2014 Christmas Card

My Christmas card for 2014 required a good deal of handwork, on my part. The girl figure was printed on the lowest layer of the card, while her costume changes were assembled in layers such that, each folded over the doll and covered all but her head.

Merry Christmas girlShopper girlMerry Christmas girl goes to midnight mass.Merry Christmas girl with cocoa

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2 Chronicles 5:14

2 Chronicles 5:14This drawing was inspired by a verse in 2 Chronicles. I tried to imagine a place so filled with the God’s splendor, you can’t even enter it.