2017 Addy Awards

So, some work I entered in the Addys got noticed.

3 new Addy Awards came home with me from our local Addy event. The illustration series I created for my Talaxian paper doll received a Gold Addy and a Judges Choice Award.

Talaxian paper doll art

My design for the invitation to the opening of an exhibition of Osmo Visuri’s water color paintings received a Silver Addy.

The outside art and envelope for the 2016 Osmo Visuri art exhibition Inside of the Visuri invitation

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My artwork on exhibit.

I exhibited a collection of my artwork on the Tradition Campus of William Carey University during the Fall Term of 2015. The exhibit included fine art prints, paintings, drawings, and handmade paper doll books.

Faces, fashion, fascination: the art of Tracy Williams2015 WCU art exhibit

Paper Dolls

Fanny’s Fashion Journey

I made this toy book for an art exhibit in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Each 2-page spread is dedicated to a decade, beginning with the 1920s and ending with the 1970s. A cat head moves from costume to costume.
Fanny toy book cover
Fanny in the 1920s and 1930s.

Paper Dolls

Holiday on Ice.

Holiday_on_icehoi2_753615hoi_skater_418567I researched Holiday on Ice skating costumes from the 1950s and 1960s for this paper doll set. It was designed to be a large poster— like a Holiday on Ice poster— but I have subsequently reprinted it as a 2-page set.

Paper Dolls

Harold of Leatheroaks

Yellow leathers.leatheroaks_3cblue and gray leathersleatheroaks_2aleatheroaks_2cleather gladiatorHarold of LeatheroaksThis set is based on the wardrobe of my friend, Harold. He travels almost exclusively by motorcycle and wears leathers every day. The ensembles I have rendered for this paper doll set are but a fraction of what he owns. He is notable for always coordinating his boots with his riding attire and for sewing many of the items himself.

Paper Dolls

Madame Alexander Scottish girl: Fiona

Madame Alexander Scottish girlMadame Alexander Scottish girl kilt.Madame Alexander Scottish girl petticoat.Madame Alexander Scottish girl underpants.Madame Alexander Scottish girl shoes and socks.Madame Alexander Scottish girl tam.I was asked to create this paper doll for the Madame Alexander issue of Doll Castle News. I used my Madame Alexander Scottish Girl as the inspiration.