Definitely Star Trek-inspired, my Trexia is a Talaxian girl created as a New Year’s greeting for 2016. The format I used had the doll attached inside a folded card, with a slit cut to allow her outfits to insert under her chin. Trexia has 4 costume changes.
2015_talaxian_pdTrexia is delighted to add a Seven of Nine doll to her doll collection. Most fashionable  former Borg ever!

2015_talaxian_7of9Like many Talaxians, Trexia shares her  hospitality. She’s made some yummy desserts  from Martian ice, flavored with Bajoran kava  juice, Betazoid uttaberry, Talaxian traggle nectar, and icoberry juice.

2015_talaxian_apronAll eyes will turn to Trexia when  she appears at the Galactic Gala in her stunning, blue gown, with crystal detailing  at the shoulders.

2015_talaxian_galaNo matter what quadrant of the galaxy you’re in, a Rainbow Dash cosplay is just fun!

2015_talaxian_rdashThe artwork was created with ink and color pencils on frosted Dura-lar, then scanned and finished in Adobe Photoshop.