Category: Christmas Cards

Basic Lolita costume and green Kodona Lolita suit.

Merry Lolita Christmas!

A fascination with Lolita fashion led to a Lolita-themed Christmas paper doll set. After researching the various Lolita styles, I made interpretations using holiday visual elements and colors….

Holly & Ivy paper doll set dolls and text.

Holly & Ivy

I had the idea of creating a holiday paper doll set based on the Christmas carol, “The Holly and the Ivy”. The resulting set has two mirror-imaged dolls:…

Trexia with Seven of Nine doll

Talaxian Paper Doll Greeting

Definitely Star Trek-inspired, my Trexia is a Talaxian girl created as a New Year’s greeting for 2016. The format I used had the doll attached inside a folded…

2014 Christmas Card

My Christmas card for 2014 required a good deal of handwork, on my part. The girl figure was printed on the lowest layer of the card, while her…

Chrome helmet ornament

Racine Scouts Christmas Card, 2006

The Racine Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps is an organization I work with from time to time on a pro bono basis. I designed this Christmas card for…